2016 seems to be flying by as we come to that special time of the year where we come together and thank God for the harvest, the gifts that He so graciously gives to us.

Across the Circuit, there will be many events to celebrate the blessings of God and seek His blessing on all the gifts.  There will be mid-week celebrations with suppers and sales of the fruit/veg etc. , as well as Harvest Festival services on Sundays.

Below are all the Festivals and Celebrations taking place during September and October in the Circuit.  You are very welcome to come along to join us as we share in thanking God for all He does for us everyday:


Mid-week Harvest Celebrations

Monday 26th September, 7.15pm at Westerdale led by Revd Michael Hazelton & Sally Wilson, followed by supper & sale.
Tuesday 27th September, 7.15pm at Glaisdale Head led by Stuart Turner
Tuesday 4th October, 7.15pm at Lealholm with Lealholm Choir followed by supper and sale
Monday 10th October, 7.15pm in Danby Village Hall – Harvest Supper & Sale.


Harvest Festival Services

  • 25th, Zetland Park (Redcar) at 10.45am, led by Revd Isabel Stuart
    • Zetland Park (Redcar) at 6.00pm led by Revd Arthur Harbottle
    • Newcomen (Redcar) at 10.45am, led by Revd John Henry
    • New Marske at 10.30am, Harvest Festival & Parade Service led by Revd Arthur Harbottle
    • Hinderwell at 10.30am, led by Thelma Hobday
    • Hinderwell at 6.00pm, led by Revd Alan Coates
    • Glaisdale Head at 10.30am, led by Revd Alan Coates


  • 2nd,  Marske at 10.30am led by Rt. Revd Paul Ferguson
    • Marske at 6.00pm, led by Revd Arthur Harbottle
    • Saltburn at 10.45am led by Revd Chris Eddy
    • Saltburn at 6.00pm led by Revd Chris Eddy
    • Lealholm at 10.30am led by Ann Anderson
    • Lealholm at 6.30pm led by Revd Alan Coates
  • 9th,   Guisborough at 10.30am led by Revd John Henry
    • Saltburn at 6.00pm, Harvest Songs of Praise led by Liz Chadwick
    • Danby at 10.30am led by Revd Alan Coates
    • Danby at 6.30pm led by Revd Alan Coates
  • 23rd, Skinningrove at 6.00pm, led by Liz Chadwick.