Westerdale Methodist Chapel was built in 1857 when the population of the village and surrounding farms was about 10 times larger than it is today.

Over the years the congregation has gradually aged and shrank (as did that of the village’s parish church) to such an extent that it became obvious that we could not support two buildings.

Initially we solved the problem by having services on alternate Sundays – either Church or Chapel- taken by either the Vicar (the vicar of Danby) or the Minister/local preacher. In 2003 we started the move towards a Local Ecumenical Partnership on the basis of two buildings.  It was soon decided that the separate costs of insurance, electricity and maintenance were unaffordable and it was decided to sell the Chapel building.

This was affected in 2010 since when both congregations have been worshipping in the parish church building: the Anglicans using the whole building and the Methodists (on alternate Sundays) using the Chancel.  On Festivals and Anniversaries we share the service using the whole church.

We are at the final stage of having a unified LEP and then any ordained Anglican or Methodist will be able to celebrate Holy Communion for us.

We commit ourselves to attending to God in worship, prayer and the study of the scriptures.  Our services are quite traditional with the singing of some hymns being unaccompanied.


Sunday Services:

1st and 3rd Sundays, Methodist worship, one of which will include Holy Communion.

2nd Sunday, Anglican worship

4th Sunday, House Group

There are occasional united services in Danby.  Please view the Calendar for details of the next service.



Revd Alan Coates

(01287) 660252


Church Address:

High Street, Westerdale, North Yorkshire, YO21 2DT.