Circuit Welcome Service – Revd Helena Harbottle

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On Sunday 4th September 2016 we will be welcoming the Revd Helena Harbottle to the Cleveland and Danby Methodist Circuit.

Revd Helena will be the minister for the Saltburn section covering the communities of Saltburn, Skelton, Brotton and Skinningrove.

You are invited to join us for a special service of welcome at Saltburn Methodist Church on Sunday 4th September at 3.00pm, a chance for us all to get to know Helena and make her feel at home here.  The service will be led by Revd Ruth Gee (Chair of Darlington Methodist District) and Revd John Henry (Superintendent of the Circuit).  It will be followed by refreshments.

Please pray for Revd Helena and her husband Revd Arthur (minister for the Redcar section in the Circuit) that they will soon settle into their new home.  Also that Helena & Arthur would continue to follow God’s guidance in the work here.

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